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Barkin' Creek Dog Kitchen & Bath - The Village Dallas

One stop destination for all your dog's needs. Spacious small, medium and large open daycares, salon style grooming spa, gourmet dog food, boutique-style retail store.

Store Hours
  • Monday – Friday 7am – 7pm
  • Saturday 10am – 6pm
  • Sunday 10am – 5pm

Visit our Dallas store and get your fur baby started down the road to healthy living.

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Our Services


Like at our Flagship Store in Austin, we offer all our 7 hand-crafted recipes at this location alongside our home baked Treats, Cookies, and famous Chicken & Cow Bark.


At Barkin’ Creek our boutique–style doggy daycare is focused on ensuring the most convenient and comprehensive/customized services for your pet. Our extensive hours of Monday through Friday from 7am until 7pm allows maximum flexibility for your schedule and our loving and professionally trained staff caters to the specific needs of each pooch in our care.


Barkin’ Creek has become known for its amazing Spa Services. We use only the highest quality products on your pooch. We also ensure a fear–free environment and along with our highly trained staff we can ensure your pet will have a relaxing experience while in our care.


Our boutique retail sections hit all the major necessities for your pooch. We focus on the best toys, chews, park gear, collars and seasonal clothing and accessories! Our highly curated retail floor will ensure we remain your one-stop destination for your family’s fur baby.