Our Story

Barkin' Creek Dog Kitchen ("Barkin' Creek") is a family-owned and operated business whose story begins in the Fall of 2015 with the love of two rescue dogs named Bea and Jax. When adopted, Bea and Jax each suffered from dietary and health issues that created the need for specialized foods. Along the way to discovering a healthy dog diet, we stumbled into a universe of information, and disinformation, on dog nutrition, particularly related to dry dog food. Through our studies, we discovered most dog food is massed produced by a small handful of large corporations more focused on their bottom lines than on dog health. These corporate behemoths purposely add to their dog foods copious amounts of sugar, salt, and animal by-products, as well as chemicals and toxins used in preservatives to increase product shelf life. We were saddened and shocked to learn this is permitted given the limited regulations on the commercial dog food industry. As a result, dog owners are faced with a market flooded with poor quality dog foods with low nutritional value that give false comfort through less than honest advertising.

Tragically, as long as these unfortunate conditions persist, negative impacts on dog health-malnutrition, allergic reactions, toxicity, obesity, shorter lifespans, and even death-will continue. Barkin' Creek was created to reduce these horrible outcomes and create positive change. Our mission through our dog meals, treats, and services is to promote dog health and happiness so that they live longer lives.

With breaking hearts motivating us to act, we decided to share with others what we had done for our own dogs. We tossed away Bea's and Jax's canned and dried dog food. Opting instead to take wholesome ingredients from our own kitchen and added the right balance of nutraceuticals to create healthy meals that our dogs love ... and voila, Barkin' Creek Dog Kitchen was born!

Barkin' Creek stores represent not only our love for Bea and Jax but the love of dog owners everywhere. This love is memorialized in our logo, reminding us every day why Barkin' Creek exists. For you see, Bea is our logo, and she will always hold the fork and keep us on mission!