About Us

Barkin’ Creek Dog Kitchen is a family–owned and operated business that supplies healthy, affordable meals and treats for dogs. We tossed away the canned and dried dog food! Instead, we selected wholesome ingredients from our kitchen and added the right balance of supplements to create nutritious meals for our own dogs… and voilà, Barkin’ Creek Dog Kitchen was born!

We carefully created each recipe using USDA approved meats and vegetables that are locally sourced and made daily by hand. Our customer service–oriented and highly trained staff is knowledgeable about the dietary needs of dogs.


Meet Us

Jeff & Flint have been life long dog owners and advocates for animal welfare around the globe. Barkin' Creek is their life long dream realized and they are thrilled to make a difference in the health and care within the Austin dog community.



With over 24 years as a Corporate Valuation Expert, Jeff understands how successful small and mid–size companies manage top–line and bottom–line growth. He has an in–depth understanding of corporate financial management, accounting, and performance measurement, as well as a successful track record of developing and implementing business plans to achieve company objectives and create value for all stakeholders. Jeff oversees BCDK’s finances, and with Flint, sets and achieves BCDK’s strategic vision.



Flint brings over 10 years of experience in Marketing, Public Relations, lifestyle branding, and fast–retail. Additionally, he has over 10 years in successful restaurant management; hiring, developing and managing staff, while anticipating and meeting customer and public needs. Flint oversees BCDK’s multiple retail distribution efforts and day–to–day customer relations, ensuring our promise and partnership with the local community.