Feeding Happy Healthy Dogs

Now with two locations to serve your pooch


It’s simple.

To feed our best friends better so they live a long and healthy life.


Each recipe of our healthy dog food uses human quality meats, fruits and vegetables. They are hand–crafted in small batches in our on–site kitchen to ensure quality control and consistency. We also layer extra fortifying nutrients into each meal to ensure your pet is receiving the best nutrition possible.

No bagged or canned dog food will come close. Period.


The heart of Barkin’ Creek is our kitchen — always teeming with activity and producing meals and treats for your pets daily. We also carry the latest pet–tech gadgets on the market in addition to the most popular toys every dog loves.

Stop by and try our treats!

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Barkin' Creek Dog Kitchen is a family–owned and operated business, the owners of which have loved and lived in Austin, Texas for two generations. We are heavily involved in local animal organizations and are life–long supporters of animal rights and their welfare.

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What others say:

  • If you are reading this, go to the top and order food. You will thank us later.”
  • Ivy is such a picky eater – it was driving me crazy. We found Barkin’ Creek and now she won’t stop eating!”
  • The best. Period.”
  • This is the coolest pet store EVER! If you live in Austin, it’s a MUST for dog owners!”